Patrons and Friends of the Arts at Ebenezer, Inc., offers an annual series of concerts and events that are open to the public. We are a 501(C 3) non- profit organization and an outreach ministry of Ebenezer Lutheran Church, ELCA. Funding is derived mostly from individual donors, but also comes from grants and corporate sponsorship. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution, please visit our Support page.

What We Do…
Through the generous support and donations from our patrons and friends, and with the unwavering love and commitment of Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Patrons and Friends of the Arts at Ebenezer, Inc. has…

  • Offered over thirty continuous years of artistic performance.
  • Hosted over 150 distinctive and artistic presentations comprised of regional, national, and internationally renowned
    • Bands
    • Benefits
    • Choirs
    • Festivals
    • Instrumentalists
    • Military Bands
    • Musicals
    • Vocalists
    • Workshops

In addition to the “Meet the Artist” reception that follows each concert, pre-concert “meet and play with the artist” events – specifically for K-12 students are offered for each performance.

Patrons and Friends, since its inception, has welcomed all members of the Columbia community regardless of race, creed, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or economic status. And, Patrons continues to distinguished itself by having had free admission for most events.


Patrons and Friends of the Arts at Ebenezer, Inc. has been presenting quality performances open to the public for over 30 years.


Committed to providing opportunities for artistic excellence in our community, we are operated by a dedicated group of volunteers.


Check out the exciting concert season we have planned! We hope you will join us for an upcoming performance!